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Getting deadly on your treadly…

First Graze

Getting deadly on your treadly…

Have you and your humble treadly found any good locations where one can flirt with death or near fatal injury? A steep hill, frequented by trucks, above a rocky escarpment? A blind corner, leading the wrong way down a one way street? Don’t hog all the excitement, share the thrill by putting your destination on the map (just don’t die in the process).

*** To update the map: click on the link, press “edit”, click on blue balloon icon, mark destination, and leave a description

(You can also email your photos and/or deadly treadly addresses here)

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1) Corner of Little Collins and Swanston (Melbourne)
Little Collins = skinny and steep. Very fun. If you don’t get hit by a cab on your way down, you can always come close to hitting a tram or a horse and cart on Swanston.

2) Intersection of Punt rd and Swan st (Melbourne)
Not for the faint hearted. This one isn’t any fun, but crossing it on your treadly offers all the promise of death or near fatal injury.

3) Pedestrian Bridge (Melbourne Cricket Ground)
You have to pedal hard on your way up the bridge. If you lose momentum, you might find yourself at a standstill and losing balance despite pedaling with all your might. It is worth it on the way down, you can build up some serious speed. On days when there are games, you might hit pedestrians. When the MCG is empty, you can just enjoy the feeling of screaming down the bridge and past the stadium at speeds faster than you can safely manage and pretend like you are winning a major sporting event.

4) Hill coming down High st, Northcote (Melbourne)
If you don’t put on the breaks it is terrifying and stunningly beautiful (especially at night – city lights). A worthy backdrop for a near death encounter.

5) Devil’s Elbow (Claremont, Perth)
It is called that for a reason. The views however, are to die for.

6) Outside the MCG (from Juliet, Melbourne)
Be wary ye of minority race/creed/sexuality.
Week 1 upon arriving to Melbourne, cycling past here just in time for a footy match to be let out and was pedestrian-hooned by a middle-age, tracksuit-wearing hooligans shouting “Chiney on a bike!” (i’m asian) which made me nearly crash into parked car from was laughing so hard.

7) Best BMX pit ever (Kalgoorlie)
If you can get past security, you’ve literally struck gold with this BMX superpit. There is the added risk of being hit by trucks the size of houses, but they don’t move very fast.