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How are giraffes not dead yet?

They are beautiful creatures, and I do not wish them dead, but how is it that they have awkwardly, endearingly, and not so discreetly stumbled their way through natural selection?

I know they have a good vantage point for eating the leaves that the other animals can’t reach, and they can kick things, and “neck” things, and butt them with their little horns, but the African Savannah is no playpen.

Surely they are too distracted up there, chewing on leaves with their heads in the clouds, to notice (before it’s too late) the pride of lions feasting on their ankles? And wouldn’t such big hearts be a hindrance? Ten kilograms of blessing, manifesting in burden… running from your troubles with such a heavy heart is no easy feat.

They are like that sweet, goofy, gangly kid at school, who somehow awkwardly, endearingly and not so discreetly manages to stumble their way through to the last round of that “Chinese Wall” tag game without even cheating. The other kids are left dumbfounded, baffled as to how those bumbling limbs could have passed them by, untagged.

Perhaps a big heart, gangly limbs and a kind disposition is not a death sentence after all… I can’t explain, and I won’t complain. Go forth in peace, gangly kids and giraffes…