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Metaphorical goats


Recent happenings:

  • Merle-bourne: Oh my it had its hurdles, including angry bar lady, and our I-can’t-believe-it-just-got-dingier old favourite venue in Abbotsford, where Bollywood meets old school rock leopard print decor and the sound system explodes every few seconds.   The general feeling was that a metaphorical goat had sauntered into the room and just casually chewed the place to shreds, leaving Merle to play unplugged, seemingly unperplexed. Despite such hiccups, Merle-bourne was awesome. Thanks for coming to town, Merle, and thanks to everyone who came along.
  • Songs from Afield is up and running! Hope you like the new website, and thanks a million to Kate Stokes, Dave Anderson, and Juliet Kim for helping with this.
  • This weekend I have been involved with the Melbourne Ukulele Festival, which has been good fun. I’ll also be playing at the Love 4 Haiti gig this afternoon at The Penny Black on Sydney Rd if you find yourself near…

Love to NZ while we are at it too. Be well.