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Professor Agnes Bufo, Dorothy Archer, Tutankhamun, a 32 piece orchestra, and a trip abroad.


Professor Agnes Bufo and Dorothy Archer (512th descendent of 19th century photographer David Archer) are preparing to present a collection of relics from a finding dubbed as “Australia’s own Tutankhamun” at a gallery in Abbotsford in a few weeks. The collection includes artifacts dating back to the arrival of the First Fleet to the shores of Terra Incognita. Needless to say, you’ll be missing out on a huge part of Australia’s history if you miss it – details to come. In the meantime, a little something from behind the scenes here

I am also preparing to take my ukulele and a 32 piece orchestra* abroad in June and July. Hopefully abroad means near you, and also that we will be hearing some more songs from afield soon.

* I once had a dream I was walking through some corn fields, and this voice (that sounded a lot like Tim Minchin) said “if you bill them, they will come“. I hope some 32 piece orchestra out there is reading this.