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S’Toad, trickster, NZ and Europe


  • I am packing away the last pieces of my first visual art exhibition (Claiming a Continent, Spawning an Empire), dubbed as “history lecture meets taxidermy kitsch philosophical freak show”, centered around cane toads and the first fleet. The whole thing was an absolute blast. It got the thumbs up from Chris Lilley, who we suspect was researching for a new character “S’Toad” (credit to Justin Heazlewood for that one).¬†Thanks to my collaborator, photographer Jess Rizzi (AKA Dorothy Archer), everyone at St Heliers St Store + Gallery, and to Team Bufo for making it all happen. More stories to come in musings, and with any luck this won’t be the last you’ll see of this little taxidermy empire.
  • My friends at Freerange have released their third journal: The Trickster, in which I have a written piece “Hit me with your knitting sticks“. It is a fantastic journal, kudos to them.
  • I am preparing to go to Europe for a few months. Aside from some gigs (and hopefully some songs from afield), I will be going to a friends wedding and meeting my new nephew (so excited!). First stop, however, is NZ. Great place, great people – looking forward to these gigs.