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Claiming a Continent: Music Clip


Song and clip to accompany “Claiming a Continent” exhibition:

An Australiana-musical-dioramic exploration into cane toads and colonisation. Starring all of your favourite first fleet colonial toads, such as Governor Arthur Phillip, Esther Abrahams, and George Johnston.

Brought to you by Claire Hollingsworth (seamstress and songstress) and Team Bufo:
Sabrina D’Angelo (divine puppeteer), Andrew Doodson (camera man), Nathan O’Halloran (music production), Janne Hollingsworth (gun runner and florist), Alesh Macak (clip editor and animator), Gina Moss (assistant curator, assistant prop designer), Katrina Annan (harmonies, melodica, production runner), Cameron Auty (mounter), Tania Groba (cabasa, gourd scraper, tall ship consultation), Emma Heeney (sweet harmonies), Jessiepants Rizzi (photographer).

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Craft Savvy Criminal

Craft Savvy Criminal (LP, 2010)

1. Fremantle
2. Loose Change
3. Faux Serial Killer
4. Dear Junkies
5. The Prospector
6. Mirror Mirror
7. Four Walls (Farewell to London)
8. Padrón (Monastery)
9. Craft Savvy Criminal

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Waiting on Fate

Waiting on Fate - Claire HollingsworthWaiting on Fate  (EP, 2008)

1. The Prospector
2. Waiting on Fate
3. Wish You Back
4. Hey Muscles

With Postage
Australia (incl postage) $14.00 Overseas (inc postage) $19.00 The Moon (inc postage) $25.00

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