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Cove Covers

Some of the covers I stitched for Cove. I had a few disagreements with the beautiful old Singer Futura 1000, you can see where we came unstuck…

Cove Cover Card 1 Cove Cover card 2 Cove Cover card 3 Cove Cover card 4 Cove Cover card 6 Cove Cover card 10

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A new song…


I stole a bit of time from the things that get in the way to record a new song (Cove)

Written in a paddock in Busselton, WA. Recorded in Melbourne by Dustin McLean, with Jackson McLaren (harmonies), Luke Howard (piano) and Arlene Fletcher (double bass). Mastered by David Walker at Stepford Audio. What a wonderful bunch – hope you enjoy.

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Open mics and singing kidlets


Recent happenings: some new writing for Project Freerange, a couple of Melbourne gigs for November, and some excitement over at Songs from Afield. Happy days…

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Claiming a Continent: Music Clip


Song and clip to accompany “Claiming a Continent” exhibition:

An Australiana-musical-dioramic exploration into cane toads and colonisation. Starring all of your favourite first fleet colonial toads, such as Governor Arthur Phillip, Esther Abrahams, and George Johnston.

Brought to you by Claire Hollingsworth (seamstress and songstress) and Team Bufo:
Sabrina D’Angelo (divine puppeteer), Andrew Doodson (camera man), Nathan O’Halloran (music production), Janne Hollingsworth (gun runner and florist), Alesh Macak (clip editor and animator), Gina Moss (assistant curator, assistant prop designer), Katrina Annan (harmonies, melodica, production runner), Cameron Auty (mounter), Tania Groba (cabasa, gourd scraper, tall ship consultation), Emma Heeney (sweet harmonies), Jessiepants Rizzi (photographer).

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Fahlala: Youtube Clip Interpretations

#1: Books for Christmas!?

No books. Hear it in folk, North Freo Bowls Club, Dec 22nd…

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S’Toad, trickster, NZ and Europe


  • I am packing away the last pieces of my first visual art exhibition (Claiming a Continent, Spawning an Empire), dubbed as “history lecture meets taxidermy kitsch philosophical freak show”, centered around cane toads and the first fleet. The whole thing was an absolute blast. It got the thumbs up from Chris Lilley, who we suspect was researching for a new character “S’Toad” (credit to Justin Heazlewood for that one). Thanks to my collaborator, photographer Jess Rizzi (AKA Dorothy Archer), everyone at St Heliers St Store + Gallery, and to Team Bufo for making it all happen. More stories to come in musings, and with any luck this won’t be the last you’ll see of this little taxidermy empire.
  • My friends at Freerange have released their third journal: The Trickster, in which I have a written piece “Hit me with your knitting sticks“. It is a fantastic journal, kudos to them.
  • I am preparing to go to Europe for a few months. Aside from some gigs (and hopefully some songs from afield), I will be going to a friends wedding and meeting my new nephew (so excited!). First stop, however, is NZ. Great place, great people – looking forward to these gigs.

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Claiming a Continent & Thursday night in Darwin


If you find yourself near Darwin this Thursday, come down to the Railway for a one off evening of intimate ditties. I’ll be joined by Anjea and some Dukes.

I’m also heading into RRR tomorrow (just after 8 am) morning to have a chat with the Breakfasters about Claiming a Continent: Spawning an Empire – tune in!

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Professor Agnes Bufo, Dorothy Archer, Tutankhamun, a 32 piece orchestra, and a trip abroad.


Professor Agnes Bufo and Dorothy Archer (512th descendent of 19th century photographer David Archer) are preparing to present a collection of relics from a finding dubbed as “Australia’s own Tutankhamun” at a gallery in Abbotsford in a few weeks. The collection includes artifacts dating back to the arrival of the First Fleet to the shores of Terra Incognita. Needless to say, you’ll be missing out on a huge part of Australia’s history if you miss it – details to come. In the meantime, a little something from behind the scenes here

I am also preparing to take my ukulele and a 32 piece orchestra* abroad in June and July. Hopefully abroad means near you, and also that we will be hearing some more songs from afield soon.

* I once had a dream I was walking through some corn fields, and this voice (that sounded a lot like Tim Minchin) said “if you bill them, they will come“. I hope some 32 piece orchestra out there is reading this.

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Metaphorical goats


Recent happenings:

  • Merle-bourne: Oh my it had its hurdles, including angry bar lady, and our I-can’t-believe-it-just-got-dingier old favourite venue in Abbotsford, where Bollywood meets old school rock leopard print decor and the sound system explodes every few seconds.   The general feeling was that a metaphorical goat had sauntered into the room and just casually chewed the place to shreds, leaving Merle to play unplugged, seemingly unperplexed. Despite such hiccups, Merle-bourne was awesome. Thanks for coming to town, Merle, and thanks to everyone who came along.
  • Songs from Afield is up and running! Hope you like the new website, and thanks a million to Kate Stokes, Dave Anderson, and Juliet Kim for helping with this.
  • This weekend I have been involved with the Melbourne Ukulele Festival, which has been good fun. I’ll also be playing at the Love 4 Haiti gig this afternoon at The Penny Black on Sydney Rd if you find yourself near…

Love to NZ while we are at it too. Be well.

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Just when you thought Summer couldn’t get any better, Fremantle’s Merle Fyshwick (Bob Dylan meets Napoleon Dynamite) has decided to stroll into Melbourne to do a string of gigs in celebration of his new EP, a tour which I’ll be proudly supporting (see gigs for details).

Official blurb:

“Merle Fyshwick’s band, The Magnetic Letters, is pursuing superdupergroup certification from Richard Wilkins. Comprising members from certified supergroups The Fancy Brothers, Basement Birds and 6s & 7s (among others), The Magnetic Letters will remain in Perth while Merle seeks Dickie’s approval in Melbourne (despite him living in Sydney…) Audiences of solo Merle can expect songs about crap celebrities, dead horses and Richard Dean Anderson. Also playing is Claire Hollingsworth, singer of sneakily disarming songs about crap celebrities, dead horses and Gyton Grantley”.

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